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Naggitto in italiano che cosa sarebbe? --Sabine 07:45, 10 Dic 2005 (UTC)

Egitto E. abu Filumena 19:03, 10 Dic 2005 (UTC)

'O probblema cu ll'apostrofe (ingrese)[càgna surgente]

Those double apostrophes are not a mistake? Do you realize that because of them the interlanguage links to this article don't work correctly? (They look like this: "nap:Lista d''e Paise d''o munno" instead of being a link). Hellerick 11:08, 1 ott 2010 (UTC)

The problem is known. But it can't be helped as this is the way things are written. It is rather a wiki-related problem as the software uses double apostrophes insted of something like <i>. Afaik, it has repeatedly been reported in Bugzilla (or whatever it's called) but obviously nobody's interested in a small wiki's problems. All that is to do is to replace the double apostrophes by & # 3 9 ; & # 3 9 ; (Lista d''e Paise d''o munno) or % 2 7 % 2 7 (Lista d''e Paise d''o munno) in the interwiki links. I've no idea as to what these codes may be, but I'm fairly sure the bots would easily learn how to deal with that issue of only somebody would care. --Kazu89 14:59, 1 ott 2010 (UTC)
And what about using right single quotes? nap:Lista d’’e Paise d’’o munno
Hellerick 18:18, 1 ott 2010 (UTC)
We had all these different proposals many times and in many places but I'll explain why yours is not a good idea. Firstly, using "quotes" or inverted commas would be incorrect from a typographical point of view and I don't think we should make that sort of mistake in an encyclopedia. Secondly, it should be a sign that is directly accessible on the users' keyboards. This is given with the current system. It is, however, not the preferred typografic symbol (which is two single apostrophes, the "real" ones), but it is accepted and the single non-correct apostrophe is used an almost all the wikis. I'd really go for a technical solution. --Kazu89 22:45, 1 ott 2010 (UTC)