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[[File:Jimmy Wales Fundraiser Appeal editJimmy_Wales_-_August_2019_(cropped).jpg|thumb|left|250px|Jimmy Wales dint{{v}}o [[20082019]]]]
[[File:2014-03-14 CeBIT Global Conferences, Jimmy Wales, Founder Wikipedia, (26) On stage showing the world for Wikipedia Zero (500 millions), while Brent Goff is still listening.jpg|thumb|Jimmy Wales 2014 on ''[[CeBIT]] Global Conferences'', [[Wikipedia Zero]]]]
'''Jimmy Donal Wales''', ritto '''Jimbo''' ([[Huntsville]], [[7 'e aùsto]] [[1966]]), è 'n mprennitore [[State Aunite|'mmericano]]. E 'o co-funnatore, dint'ô [[2001]], 'e [[Wikipedia]] cu [[Larry Sanger]].
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