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Aggio pruvato jognere pure 'a mpresa, ma nun putevo. Se chiamma pure "'A torrugrieco", justo?--E. abu Filumena 06:45, 12 Dic 2005 (UTC)

Torre 'o Grieco[cagna surgente]

A napoli io ho sempre sentito dire : 'A Torre 'o Grieco.

Bisogna un poco approfondire meglio per cercare la versione ottimale, o quantomeno la più popolare e conosciuta.--GENNYSAR 22:55, 12 Dic 2005 (UTC)

je so' nnat a Torre D'o Grieco e ve dico ca in dialetto turrese se dice Torr'u grieco mentre in lingua napoletana si dice torr'o Grieco. la d in questo caso, non si pronuncia. (pinobor)

Apostrophes[cagna surgente]

Is this title typographically correct? Shouldn't "...d’’o..." or "...d'_'o..." be used instead? See MediaZilla:5454. -- 11:14, 6 Abb 2006 (UTC)

Yes, it's correct, d''o is the only contraction of the sort used in Neapolitan, d' 'o isn't the same. There are no equivalents of the Italian sulla, colla etc.. In theory d"o could be used. I'm not sure what the difference would be, if any, with regards to the bot problem (it would require that every instance of d''o to be changed over though and I don't believe that users would intuitively know to compose and search using the quotation marks for the dbl. apostrophes, as they don't produce the same results). That said, we are still trying to come to a consesus as to whether the " d " should be there at all. Would a single apostrophe change anything bot-wise, eg. Torre 'o Grieco or Torr'o Grieco? --E. abu Filumena 17:00, 6 Abb 2006 (UTC)
Hmm, maybe you could use the typographically correct apostrophe: , so it would be ...d’’o... -- 14:52, 7 Abb 2006 (UTC)
Torre d''o Grieco could be a redirect to Torre d’’o Grieco then, of course. -- 14:56, 7 Abb 2006 (UTC)
Forgive my ignorance, but ouside of a word doc, I don't know how to type that kind of apostrophe. When I key apostrophe, it comes out as "...'...".--E. abu Filumena 17:50, 7 Abb 2006 (UTC)

Titolo[cagna surgente]

Alla pagina di it.wikipedia, dice "Turre 'o Grieco." Io non saprei quale traduzione e' meglio. Ma ci deve essere consistenza fra le due pagine. 18:42, 23 set 2012 (UTC)