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Welcome on the Neapolitan Wikipedia. Well I am not sure which language to write since there's no hint on your user page - so I chose English and I hope that's OK. Best, Sabine.--Sabine 22:13, 14 Jen 2006 (UTC)

Only read - and babel templates[cagna surgente]

Hi Iosue, please use the template for nap-1 and maybe write a note on your user page that you can read, but not write Neapolitan. I talked about this with Gerard - we are about to pass over to the ISO-639-3 language codes here that then creates analogue categories to the WiktionaryZ categories - in that way we can link the categories more easily since they are standardised. Many small wikipedias will follow this scheme, since we need an inter-wiki-way to build a bigger community with more influence when it comes to our very specific needs and problems. Have a great day! --Sabine 07:59, 9 lug 2006 (UTC)

Il tuo nome utente sarà cambiato[cagna surgente]

03:54, 18 Màr 2015 (UTC)

Rinominato[cagna surgente]

10:00, 19 Abb 2015 (UTC)