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connectivity project[cagna surgente]

Hallo, my name is Anastasiya Lvova, I'm "duty" in Connectivity project. The essence of the "Connectivity" project is to study and enhance the coherence of Wikipedia, or, in other words, to improve hypertext navigation between articles. The project deals with deadends, isolated articles, non-categorized articles, transitivity of the category tree, etc.

We want to work with your language version, but we need configured MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage for it (with direct links to template namespace pages, for example, ru:MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage/de:MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage/fr:MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage). Is it possible to set it up for our usage?

thanks in advance, Lvova 18:43, 12 Giù 2010 (UTC)

EmausBot[cagna surgente]

I would like to get a flag for my bot.

Thanks! --Emaus 00:39, 26 Giù 2010 (UTC)

Fundraising time is around the corner[cagna surgente]

Hello Wikimedians, my name is Deniz and I am working for the Wikimedia Foundation during the 2010 Fundraiser. My job is to be the liaison between the Nnapulitano community and the Foundation. This year's fundraiser is intended to be a collaborative and global effort, we recognize that banner messages that perform well in the United States don't necessarily translate well, or appeal to international audiences.

I'm contacting you as I am currently looking for translators who are willing to contribute to this project, helping to translate and localize messages into Nnapulitano and suggesting messages that would appeal to Nnapulitano readers on the Fundraising Meta Page. We've started the setup on meta for both banner submission, statistical analysis, and grouping volunteers together.
Use the talk pages on meta, talk to your local communities, talk to others, talk to us, and add your feedback to the proposed messages as well! I look forward to working with you during this year's fundraiser.

Please translate this message into Nnapulitano if you can and post it below.--Dgultekin 23:14, 9 set 2010 (UTC)

Bot flag request for WikitanvirBot[cagna surgente]

  • Operator : Wikitanvir
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted : Automatic
  • Programming Language(s) : Python (pywikipedia)
  • Function Summary : Interwiki
  • Edit period(s) : Daily
  • Edit rate requested : 2/3 edits per minute at most
  • Already has a bot flag (Y/N) : Yes, see here
  • Function Details : Bot will patrol recent changes and new pages, and add, remove, or modify interwiki links in autonomous mode.

Currently doing some test edits. Notify me if there is a problem. — Tanvir • 05:32, 3 ott 2010 (UTC)

Fundraising 2010: Beat Jimmy Challenge[cagna surgente]

The Fundraising Committee is issuing all interested community members a challenge: we want you to beat Jimmy. The appeal from Jimmy Wales and the corresponding banner have been tested head-to-head with other successful banners, and the results are clear: it's our best performing message... by a lot. This year we have a lofty fundraising goal; we need all of our banners to bring in donations like the Jimmy Appeal, but no one wants to keep the Jimmy banner up for two months. We want to run donor quotes, and other wonderful ideas, but we have to have banners that work as well as or better than the Jimmy appeal.

We've just released the highlights from a donor focus group, and the results of our donor survey. With one month to the launch of the fundraiser, the messages we test must be driven by data from our tests and surveys - we can no longer rely on instinct alone.

We've redesigned our fundraising meta pages with the Jimmy challenge; check out the survey results and propose/discuss banners that reflect these findings. Add the banners you think will 'beat Jimmy' here to be tested Tuesday October 12 against Jimmy. -Dgultekin 18:33, 6 ott 2010 (UTC)

I am the new liaison for your community. Please direct any questions or comments to me or directly on the meta page. ThanksKlyman 19:07, 22 ott 2010 (UTC)

An urgent translation request[cagna surgente]

Wikimedia Foundation RGB logo with text.svg

Greetings :) As you may have noticed, the banners are up and we are in the final stages of testing before the official kickoff on Monday the 15th for this year's WMF fundraiser. We are in a bit of a time crunch to get the Napulitano translations in before the Fundraiser launch on Monday. We really don't want to have English pages on the Napulitano projects. This is a calll to to community to get involved, help translate and recruit translators to get all the fundraising materials completed. Here is the translation hub with the Jimmy Appeal, Core Messages, FAQ and Benefactors pages that need to be completed Translations. Once these are completed, we can build the new landing pages and localize the fundraiser! Thanks so much, let me know if there are any questions!Klyman 19:07, 13 Nuv 2010 (UTC)